Chuck & Debbie Veldhuizen
Square Dance Callers
Recording on Cheyenne Records

*** Chuck Veldhuizen - Hall of Fame Caller ***

I learned to square dance and began my calling career in Mankato, Minnesota in 1970. My wife, Debbie and our two children, Christina (age 16) and Casey Jo (age 14) also call with me. Casey and Christina attended a Callers School with Ken Retucci, Scot Bayers and Bear Miller and are now involved with teaching square dancing to all middle school and high school students at their school. We live in Sioux City, Iowa and are owners of Cheyenne Records, a company that produces square dance music. You will find a large selection of some of our music on this site.

In 2003 I was inducted into the Iowa Caller Hall of Fame. It was a great honor and one I do not take lightly. I appreciate and would like to thank all of the people who made it possible for me to receive this high award.

We are also sponsoring square dance cruises to Hawaii and Alaska through our Cheyenne Records Company. Cheyenne offers great deals on these cruises. Check out our links for more information.

With our site here we have tried very hard to make our page as user-friendly as possible. You can find dances by clicking on the various states such as Iowa, Nebraska, or Minnesota by clicking on "Other Square Dance Links". Also find links to CALLERLAB, ACA and and other important square dance sites and databases.

With "Cutting Edge" technology you can call to or dance from callers directly from the internet by accessing this web page and selecting "Square Dance Music". Simply hook your computer up to a good set of speakers (use an amplifier for larger groups) and you are ready to select any of the singing calls available here. You can also download the music to your computer and burn your own music for Record Dances, etc.

Would you like to learn to dance with your friends? Go to "Lesson #1 Downloads" and you can learn the first few basics in one evening. This is a great way for new callers to learn how to instruct classes in their area. If you would like more lessons, email me and I will send you an MP3 of further instructional sessions.

For local civic and church organizations, Deb and I will also call a modern-day Square Dance for your next party or special event. Call us at 712-259-4780 for bookings and more information. No experience is necessary as we will show you all of the right moves.

Thanks for visiting.

Chuck and Debbie Veldhuizen

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